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Journals from Innovational Publishers, publish high quality, high impact journals serving the medical and scientific communities, publishing across the general Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Science specialties, with top ranked journals, and more niche publications that cater for specialist communities.

We are committed to our authors and truly believe that our journals are only as good as the articles they contain. Thats why we work hard to support the authors who trust us to publish their work. We listen to our authors so publishing with us not only provides you with a wide range of benefits, it also helps future authors as we use your feedback to improve our services.

  • Economic Library Package: We offer the annual subscription for Library in discounted amount (the details are available on the website

Scientific Services

Scientific writing:

  • Thesis editing: We provide the valuable services for author to help in writing the thesis of PhD candidates of pharmacy, nursing and medical.
  • Article/manuscript editing: To help in writing manuscript for publication is also useful service for many authors those who are not aware of scientific writing.
  • Book editing: The development of staff is counted in the form of publications and book. So, we offer the best services of help in writing book to authors.
  • Poster and presentation preparation: The most important services of our company to prepare the presentation (PPT or poster) for conference.

Innovational Manuscript Publication Group (IMPG):

Innovational Publishers, offers for the authors the most convenient scheme to publish the articles (Research/Review) at Free of cost for life time by announcing the Innovational Manuscript Publication Group (IMPG). For further details send email to


Time from submission to first decision: Average of 31 days to first decision, ranging from 21-40 days.

Time from acceptance to online publication (edited and typeset version): Average of 20 days, ranging from 10-30 days.

Whatever your research we have a place for you to publish. You can choose our general nursing journals (The IJNH, IJNR, IJNS, IJNMS and other Pharma and health Sciences Journal) or one of our specialty titles. We also welcome your original, interesting and novel cases in Case Reports. You can option to have your research transferred to another Journal should it be rejected from your first choice. Among all other journals the IPP is very famous and reputed journal.

International Editorial board

Innovational publishers having international editorial board more than 300 reviewers and 150 plus editorial members from 20 countries.

Local editions have been published by Innovational Journals form last three years and we currently publish almost 100 local editions. They are a way to extend our content to Institutions, Industries, to pharmacist, doctors and healthcare professionals who would normally not access the print or online journal for a variety of reasons. In most cases these are published in print with interest building for online versions. For an author, the benefit of these editions is extended exposure of your article. It may be translated or republished in English and either the full text will be published or the abstract. The editions drive traffic back to our journal websites where the viewer will be able to view the full article.

Abstracting / Indexing

International Journal of Nursing Rsearch (IJNR) indexd under PubMed for NIH funded manuscript. Index Copernicus, Chemical Abstract Services (CAS)-department of American Chemical Society. Some of the most popular scientific indices where the journals if Innovational Publishers appear are as follows: Directory, Google scholar, international impact factor services: Indian sciences, global impact factor, j-Gate, WZB, Kenya projects Organization [KENPRO], max planck institute, electronic journal library and importantly in including Index Copernicus, Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) etc.

Author benefits:

About journals:

Seminar and Workshop:

Innovational Publishers always concentrate on quality of writing and well as the professionalism of manuscript. For the same we try to give free tips and some standard guidelines to improve authors writing quality. By taking in to consideration the present status of knowledge of author(s) we have provided the concept of Seminar and Workshop on Profeciencies of Manuscript Writing and Publication at institute level. We deliver the seminar/conduct the workshop for authors at their college/institute.